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The Okanagan
You Remember
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The Okanagan You Remember

When you visited the South Okanagan with warm sun on your skin, hot sand on your feet, you raced to the soothing relief of the lake. Giggling as the waves rippled around. Was it this beach where you first froze your brain slurping a milkshake with the tastiest fries ever?

Birds chirping as you hiked marshy boardwalks or pristine pathways in the desert or along a creek or lakeside to a waterfall or panoramic peak? You could bike forever. Sunsets lasted for hours.

That first peach you picked yourself, dripping with juice as you bit it.

Best bedtime stories told around a crackling campfire.

Peachland to Osoyoos, revisit these treasures of the South Okanagan, home to many such beaches, trails, and orchards. Even more culinary adventures await today with a thriving wine, craft beer, cider and spirits scene.

Expand your knowledge of the desert, the Indigenous culture, the pioneers who forged the Kettle Valley Railway, and local flora and fauna.

Travel back to the Okanagan You Remember to relive and capture golden memories.

Photos From The Region

Visual Stories

Wines of the South Okanagan: Taste them again for the first time

Discover a wine region with the vibrancy of youth blessed by a legacy of experience. Explore fine wines paired with a farm-to-table culinary scene second to none.

Vines planted over 50 years ago sway beside new plantings – old world and new world varietals. Some plantings replace former orchards and gardens while others make new sites arable for grape growing.

The roughly 150 wineries of the South Okanagan are eclectic. Some wineries have generations of family winemaking experience from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Many families first farmed gardens, orchards and then vineyards. Others left divergent careers to answer the call.

Leave the bustle behind to unveil the stories of these talented folks and their wines.

Small lot wines, each vintage offers its own enchanting nuances. Taste them again for the first time.

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